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Parallax scrolling: why a fixed background?

This post explains the use of a fixed background-image in parallax scrolling. To do so I review the visual concepts behind parallax and illustrate it with the Skrollr library and a few lines of Scss.

Building an audio player with CSS Flexbox and JavaScript Promises

A step by step tutorial to learn how to build an HTML5 audio player from scratch, focused on:

  • the use of CSS Flexbox for a simple responsive layout,
  • an implementation of the Mediator pattern in JavaScript to develop a maintainable player,
  • the use of Promises to simplify callbacks management

About is a blog focused on JavaScript, HTML5 and Ruby on Rails, offering tutorials and best practices, from intermediate to advanced.
Posts are structured around code snippets and out of the box examples, featuring various topics, from abstract to concrete ones (like performance or HTML5 features).
Source codes are under Creative Commons licence but original graphics are copyrighted.

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